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Award Winning Blogging Tools for Bloggers

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Blogging is a time consuming job, if you don't know how to manage your time well. There are many blogging tools available online. Lets see which best blogging tools pro bloggers use and recommend.

Best Blogging Tools for Bloggers : Award Winning Blog
Best Blogging Tools for Bloggers : Award Winning Blog

Award Winning Blogging Tools for Bloggers

Best logging Tools (Steve Counsell)

Once a blog post is written, the tools I use to promote it are:

This helps to give readers the easiest way for them to share or "like" my content on any of the social platforms they have a connection with.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+
Pushing out links to my content over Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ is a great way to promo the content I've just published. I notice that when I publich links to my content multiple times each day I get a better take up rate such as more followers on Tribber and move profile views on LinkedIn.

My simple tools (THGM Ghostwriters)

I use pretty simple tools, since my blog is not monetized, and that's where things get complicated.  I like Digg Digg, because it helps users share my posts and build my reputation.  I like that it floats with my content as readers scroll.

I like Sharetally.co because I like to watch progress.

Every now and then I check that my posts are readable at http://read-able.com/

I am also a big fan of MyBlogU for generating details and examples that I really need to come from others.

Skype is probably my best tool overall, although I don't think of it that way, but so many ideas come from Skype, so much support of peers, so much help sharing posts once they are written, and a lot of input into posts (examples, quotes, etc.) come from Skype chats or one-on-ones.

And Twitter really helps me spread the word about my posts more than any other tool.

I also find a big glass of water helps energize me for writing a post non-stop for an hour.

Anything that helps you plan, execute and track ( Leticia Perez)

For me, the best blogging tools are those that help you work faster and better. For example, I use tools like IFTT and Publicize to auto-promote my posts, and Buffer to keep my social networks with great content even when I cannot be connected.

But for me the most useful tools are the ones that help you identify problems and trends. You could just use Google Analytics fo that, but if you really want to discover what's working, I'd recommend a meta-analytics tool like Sumall, where you can compare your twitter activity to your bounce rate, visitors and so on.

Blogging Tips ( jaideep)

Be original, Be consistent. Share your thoughts in a non-imposing manner.

Thank you all for sharing your tips and tools to improve journey of a blogger. It is really good to use helpful tools to ease your blogging way and get maximum out of your time.
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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

21 Award Winning Ways to Gain More Followers on Twitter

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Are you still struggling to grow your twitter follower-ship? That means either you are not taking your social media plans seriously or you are not aware of what you should do.

Twitter is the biggest micro blogging platform where you share your story or whatever you want to share in 140 words. Not just the common people or professionals but celebrities, politicians and scientists also use twitter to spread the word about what they want to share and also what they think gain more eyes.

21 Award Winning Ways to Gain More Followers on Twitter : Award Winning Blog
21 Award Winning Ways to Gain More Followers on Twitter : Award Winning Blog

Everyone wants to have more and more followers on twitter. I have seen the huge boost in traffic since the day I started using twitter. The more you grow on twitter the more traffic you get.

As a blogger you always want to grow your blog. Today I am going to share 21 Award Winning Ways ways to gain more followers on twitter.

1)Target Tweetable Phrases, Not SEO Keywords
2) Use Automation With Caution
3) Posting More Often
4) Promote one Post Multiple Times
5) Recycling Content and sharing old posts
6) Share Unique material
7) Benefit prespective included
8) Focus on target audience
9) short and powerful words
10) Ask for likes, shares and retweet
11) become a story teller
12) Use graphics
13) Work on Language
14) Use trendy hashtags
15) create new hashtags
16) Engage with twitter chat
17) create twitter voice guidelines
18) Brand your profile
19) Quickly reply tweets
20) track sharing or retweeting
21) Build twitter list

Just follow these effective ways to gain more followers on Twitter. You should work faster as the quick you work the quickly you grow your follower ship on twitter.
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Monday, 6 March 2017

7 Actionable Tips To Buy Gifts Online

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To buy gifts or cool electronic gadgets online, you need to take care of some point which is important is must including buying best & thoughtful Gifts in a budget, searching for best coupons with additional services, checking for quality and some extra important points, which I have shared with you here in these 7 actionable tips below.

7 Actionable Tips To Buy Gifts Online: Award Winning Blog
7 Actionable Tips To Buy Gifts Online: Award Winning Blog

 1). Know your budget and Make use of Comparison sites

The very first thing you want to do is before shopping online you should know your budget and set the money you are going to spend. Online marketers are smart they know how to make you buy unnecessary items so making setting the budget is important.

Next thing you want to do after you choose your Gift make sure you use the comparison site such as Comparometer.in or Comparemyproduct.com to check prices and other services like Cash On Delivery and Free Delivery manually.To make sure you are not falling in the trap of discount coupons and getting no final profit.

2). Make the List of Gift based on person’s interest

The old trick still works in choosing the best Gift online, just make the list of possible Gift which are based on person’s interest and can be gifted.Now combine some gift and brainstorm something that person will appreciate how thoughtful you are and how much you care about them.

3). Check Gift Coupons Site and Keep your eyes open for any offers

The internet is full with Gift Coupons, offers, cashback, and discount giving sites dig deeper find the best deal for your gifting products.

Check the gift coupon sites like couponz Guru, Cuponation, Price Raja, Cash Karo, Gift Cards India, etc to find the best discounted Gifts and best deals. Check all of them and keep your eyes open for any offers, check retailer, as well as coupon site’s social media account to see if there are any offers posted which might available and meet your goal to choose the nice gift.

4). Check the delivery time, make sure Gift will arrive on time

It is very important to know when your product will arrive at your doorstep and free delivery often takes more time than usual. Never choose any retailer’s site to buy Gifts which never deliver the product on time.

It is not less than any worse moment if you are getting your gift late than on time, it is can ruin your planning and can put you in rushing moment of just buying any gift from offline stores which cannot be relevant as well as can be costly.

So, always double check your Gift delivery time and make sure if that retailer is known for its delivery on or within a time period. Alternatively, to save yourself from such situation you want to order the Gift much earlier.

5). Research on offer or deals on the Gift

After you done finalizing your gifting products and retailer you are buying from, always research on offers you are getting directly from the retailer or from coupons site to calculate your final price.

Check other best coupon sites for best discount offers do not just stop your search after you found one. Also, check you are getting extra benefit from those offers like Cash on Delivery (COD), Free Shipping and Maximum Delivery time.

6). Check the reviews and Quality of your Gift

Never ever forget to read features of your gifting product and check the quality. Read the features given by retailers in product description and match is with user’s feedback and rating. Checkout what positive user feedback saying does that matching with product features? And also read the negative review if any and check where do product lack its quality?

This will help you to make sure that you are going to see the quality product when it’ll be delivered to you.

7). Do not order wrapped Gift

Again! Never ever order wrapped gift or directly give online bought wrapped gift to the giftee, because you do not know what’s inside and in the delivery of online product, receiving the defective item is common.

So, if you order unwrapped gifting product you save the wrapping cost (if any) and if you are following step 4 you will have enough time to return the defective item. Also, you can wrap it in your own customized and personalized way.


How did you like it? These 7 Actionable tips to buy Gifts online can save your money, help you to find thoughtful gift within your budget, and aware you to take care of some important point to save yourself from bad situation because of delivery timing and defective product.

Author Bio:

Sam Jackson is a technologic geek who has built many websites and now he is trying his hands in blogging. His blog is Howmate.com where he writes about many topics and how to tutorials to help people.

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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Award Winning Ways to Choose a Good Domain Name

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Choosing a domain name is the very first thing that every online business or webmaster has to take care before planning ahead. It is as crucial as choosing the name of your newborn baby. You do not want to make any mistake choosing a domain name, as it can ruin the reputation or make it look funny.

Award Winning Ways to Choose a Good Domain Name : Award Winning Ways
Award Winning Ways to Choose a Good Domain Name : Award Winning Ways
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Always remember that domain name is the online identity of your blog or business website. In only world, people connect with you through your blog or website and if they do not find a good and clean domain name, then they can find it hard to connect with you.

Today I will share about the key factors to choose the domain name for your blog or business online.

Award Winning Ways to Choose a Good Domain Name

1) Easy to type:

When I say that you should choose a domain name which is easy to type, you should also remember that it is not easy for you as most of the common word domain names already taken. SO it may take your brain to do some exercise before you find a suitable and easy to type domain name.

2) Short and Simple:

Simplicity has it`s own power. A simple and clean domain always make the space into the minds of people around the world. for example Facebook.com is a clean name and which is not just short but simple also.

There are chances that you may not be able to find the domain name you are looking for, In this case you should try mix of two or three words but not more than that.

3) Keywords:

Using keywords in domain name make it easy to understand what you sit or blog is all about. It also helps search engine to determine for which queries your site is the direct solution. For example if you want to buy a bike repair service domain then you can choose bikerepair.com

4) Avoid hyphens and numbers:

There are chances when you think of choosing a domain name with hyphens or numbers. But believe me it can confuse the user. When someone hears a domain name with number, they will not know that the number is character or numeric value. So it is always better that you should avoid numbers and hyphens.

5) Memorable:

Everyday thousands of new websites take birth. SO competition is getting harder day by day. The easy way to outrank the competition is to choose a domain name which is catchy and memorable. A domain name which people never forget easily.

Choose a domain name and let your friends know the name. Analyze their reaction to find out if your domain name is appealing or not.

6) Research:

Before going to buy a domain name, it is really important that you do a lot research to find avoid trademark  or copyright issues. Also you do not want to buy a domain name which is banned by search engines.

7) Use Top Level domain name extensions:

When it comes to choosing a domain name extension, the best domain extension is always the .Com. There are so many other domain name extensions available such as .co, .info, .net, .org, .biz, .me etc.

Don`t get confused with various domain name extensions. Always choose which is the best for you.

I always recommend of choosing .Com domain extension, because every common person believes that after every domain there is a .com.

8) Act fast:

Domain names always sell like hot cakes. You never know that the domain name which is available right now may not be available for sale after 10 seconds. So it is always great that you buy a domain name the same time when you know that it is perfect for your business.

9) Brandable:

Choosing a domain name which is easily brand-able always helps you to reach the people worldwide and grab attention quickly. There are domain name which worth million of dollars such as Hotels.com. but buying such domain names also bring great value to your business.

This shows the branding and premium quality of the business also.

So you see, these are few of the most important factors which you should keep in mind when it comes to choose a domain name. You can also take help of the detailed domain name guide to understand every factor in detail.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.
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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Payoneer : Work Global, Live Local

Is it still a most difficult task for you to decide about which payment option is best for international money transfer when you wants to receive payments online?


So many online payment options are making you little confuse about which one you should choose?
Payoneer : Work Global, Live Local : eAskme
Payoneer : Work Global, Live Local : eAskme
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Let me help you here with Payoneer White Paper, when it comes to global money transfer there is a brand which is helping people all over the world to work global and live local.

What is Payoneer & it`s White Paper?

Payoneer : Work Global, Live Local : eAskme

This online payment solution is Payoneer. Payoneer is one of the best solution and alternative of PayPal.

A recent analysis conducted by Let`s Talk Payments (LTP), an international FinTech content and research firm, compared the differing methods and costs of transferring B2B payments from the US to India.  The study reveals Payoneer offers the lowest payment fees, reducing costs by up to 71%. It is one of the best solution for online Freelancers, SME`s and businesses.

Payoneer White Paper shows all the details which helps you to understand how it is more effective and beneficial for you.

Here is the business comparison between two online payment solutions, which shows the rapid growth of Payoneer.

    3+ million (B2B) active customers
    Operating in 200+ countries
    150+ Currencies
    Offer solutions for professionals and businesses to send and receive payments globally.

Payoneer : Work Global, Live Local : eAskme

Also check this scenarios where transfer amount is $70. It gives you clear picture why Payoneer is best online payment solution for you.

1) US to Indian Bank

    Wire Transfer Fee : $35
    Conversion Fee : 2.6%
    Processing Time : 1 Day
    Final Amount : 2,262.75

2) PayPal to PayPal

    Wire Transfer Fee : 4.4% + 35 cent
    Conversion Fee : 2.5%
    Processing Time : 4-7 Days
    Final Amount : 4,311.64

3) US to Payoneer

    Wire Transfer Fee : Nil
    Conversion Fee : 2%
    Processing Time : 2-4 Day
    Final Amount : 4,553.50

Payoneer : Work Global, Live Local : eAskme

Now you see these white paper details shows that Payoneer is best online payment solution than other ways or services. It not only save your hard earned money but it`s processing time is also better than other services.

You can get complete details from Payoneer White Paper.

Payoneer White Paper

You can easily download a copy White Paper.

    Click White Paper link
    Enter details
    Click on "Download Paper"
Payoneer : Work Global, Live Local : eAskme

Important points

- Payoneer can help you reduce the cost of receiving international payments by  71%
- Payoneer is simpler, faster and more cost-effective than other payment solutions.
- Indian customers get paid straight to their bank account, in INR.

If you still have any question about Payoneer White paper, feel free to ask me.
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Friday, 30 September 2016

How to Start a Blog

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So you have the same question like everyone else who is reading this blog and that is How to start a blog?

Today I am going to tell you how you can start a blog easily with steps.

It is not so expensive to start your own blog and neither it`s complicated. All you need is the knowledge about how and where you should start. These days more and more people are joining blogging. Even the biggest business run their own blogs.

How to Start a Blog : Award Winning Blog
How to Start a Blog : Award Winning Blog

But what if you are the one, who do not know how to start a blog?

Well don`t worry, I am here to answer this question.

With the help of these tips you will get your blog ready in just 20 minutes.

But first let`s see why you need start a blog guide for beginners to help you setup your own blog.

1) Correct settings:

Here I am telling you how exactly you should start a blog on self hosted WordPress platform which is used and recommended by every popular blogger. How you can manage your blog from computer, laptop or smartphone. There is no doubt that WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platform. So here I will show you how you can create a blog on Wordpress.

2) Be Passionate about the topic:

Passion is the key to success. If you are not passionate about your blogging niche, than how can you share the knowledge with others.

You should choose a topic which you love to write about and which is also profitable niche. It makes blogging fun.

3) Learning:

A bloggers life is all about learning and sharing. The more you learn the more knowledge you gain and the more knowledgeable you become the more quality content you can produce. This ultimately helps you to gain authority in your blogging niche.

Why Should You Start a Blog?

You can start your blog with following 6 steps:

1) Choose a domain name
2) choose a web-hosting platform
3) Choose a popular and optimized theme
4) install the theme on your wordpress hosting
5) Customize it.
6) Start writing your posts

But before you start you should also know why more and more people are starting their blogs.

1) Earning:

We all work for money. Blogging has proved to be one of the most effective way when it comes to make money online. Where top bloggers earn millions of dollars every month, common bloggers also making good money.

2) Popularity:

We all love to be popular, even if you do not want to be chased by paparazzi. When you blog gets popular, it makes you popular also.

For example before starting a blog, noone knows who was Gaurav kumar, but as eAskme become successful, now Gaurav Kumar is known worldwide as founder of eAskme.

3) Fun & family:

Blogging allows you enjoy your life, make money living a boss free life and enjoy your time with your friends and family. It gives you time freedom, money freedom and location freedom.

So now you are ready to start a blog.

Let`s start from the step one.

Choose a Domain:

Choosing a domain name is the very first step that a blogger needs to do. The domain should represent your blog and it should be choose wisely. You can even ask the help of a professional when choosing a domain name.

Where you can buy a domain name for $11/year-$20/year from domain sellers.

I can give you domain for only $8/year. So you can ask me also if you want to buy domain from me.

Choose Web Hosting:

Choosing a reliable web hosting is very crucial, SO it is always recommended that you choose a web hosting which satisfy your needs as a blogger. there are companies which take care of blogger needs and that is why me and most of the bloggers recommend you to buy

Web Hosting from Hostgator. It is a well known and established hosting platforms.

HostGator Web Hosting

Why I recommend Hostgator:

Hostgator has various options for bloggers according to their needs. But the why I recommend them is because:

Fast page load speed:

They provide better loading speed than many other web hosting providers


Hostgator is well known as their support and 99.9% which is remarkable when you run a blog.

That is why I always recommend Hostgator web hosting.

Now before you ask how to buy Hostgator hosting, let me answer this here:

Click on above ad or this link to go to hostgator.com.

HostGator Web Hosting

Choose the hosting plan according to your own need. If you are starter than you can start with baby plan.

It will ask you to buy a domain or if you already have a domain, If you already have a domain enter the name there.

Choose Billing Cycle. I recommend that you should choose atleast 12 months as it shows the stability of your blog.

  1. Enter Username
  2. Enter security pin you want
  3. Enter Billing details using credit card or Paypal account
  4. You can add additional services
  5. Click on teram and conditions checkbox.
  6. Click on checkout now.

This way you will get the hosting for your own blog.

If you have any issues or want my manual help then you can ask me.

  • Now you will receive an email in your email id with hosting details
  • Use that information to login to your control panel
  • Go to left sidebar and look for" Install Wordpress"
  • Click on it.

Now mojomarketplace.com will open. This site helps Hostgator to install Wordpress.

Click on Install WordPress.

At the end you will see a loading bar which tells that your Wordpress has installed.

Now login to your blog dashboard using http://www.blogname.com/wp-admin

Till now you have created a blog on WordPress. But there is still one big thing that you are lacking and that is your blog design.

You need a professional template and here is the most recommended template for you which is used by the most popular bloggers such as Darren Rowse also.

Most recommended & popular blogger template : Genesis theme

Genesis is the only theme which comes with it`s own framework which is best for bloggers and marketers. It is fully customizable.

Click here to get the Genesis Theme for WordPress

Buy Genesis theme and upload it on WordPress blog.

Go to Appearance>Themes>Add Themes>Upload

Upload the genesis theme and click activate to install it.

Now you are ready to start writing blog posts and create Pages.

In next lesson I will share how to start blog post and page writing.

If you want me to install a blog for you, tell me I can do this for you and guide you manually.
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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

MaxCDN Review – Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

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Do you want to make your online business successful? If yes than you need to make your site load faster. Even Google says that it will rank those sites higher in search results which are user friendy and site speed is a factor that effects user friendliness.

There are millions of websites in the world which are still needed to be faster to rank higher in search results.

If you are not an hardcore developer and still wants to make your website load faster, than here is the an online tool which is going to be very useful to make your blogs or websites load faster.
MaxCDN Review – Speed Up Your WordPress Blog : AwardWinningBlog
MaxCDN Review – Speed Up Your WordPress Blog : AwardWinningBlog
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MaxCDN is an effective content deliver network for WordPres blogs and websites. It not only speed up your blogs but also helps you to reduce server load at an attractive price.

It is really easy for a blogger or webmaster to setup MaxCDN for his/her wordpress blogs or sites using an awesome cache plugin, W3 Total Cache. I always recommend MaxCDN to others because it is easy, reliable and effective.

Now let`s see why I recommend MaxCDN to you.

Why I Recommend MaxCDN to boost site speed:

There is no doubt that there are many CDN`s avilable online. Even I have shared about CloudFlare earlier. Now the question is what is so special in MaxCDN?

MaxCDN offers various plans such as enterprenure starts at $9/month, Professional starts at $299/month and custom per gigabyte plan. You can choose the plans according to your need. It`s entrepreneur plan offers 1TB bandwidth which is more than enough for blogs and small businesses.

Setup is really easy. You can setup MaxCDN on your wordpress blog using W3 Total Cache Plugin.

MaxCDN has various data centers around the world.

If you are running an ecommerce site than their professional plan is best for you or you can choose custom gigabyte plan also. For professional plan you just needs to pay $299/month and you will get 25TB bandwidth. If you are getting 100k pageviewes in a month than you just need around 50gb bandwidth.

How MaxCDn Works:

MaxCDN works better than CloudFlare. It covers static resources  and files to stores in datacenter. You need not to upload data manually on MaxCDN server. It provides you a custom URL to access your files. You can even use CNAME redirection to make it look better.

When someone opens your site, it will chaneg the static file URL`s and load yoru website from the nearest MaxCDN datacenter.

How to install MaxCDN on WordPress

Install W3 Total Cache to set

here is the step by step guide

Why Site Speed Matters?

As I have already said that Site speed is an important search engine ranking factor. It is always good to keep the speed optimized to offer better user experience.

You can also check moz guide on website speed

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.
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