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Top Most Influential bloggers

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Blogging is the most substantial part of prominent marketing. An influential blogger not only helps his readers but also help brands by sharing their products and services on his blog.

Brands always keep looking for the most influential bloggers of every niche to spread the word about their products.

Top Most Influential bloggers: Award Winning Blog
Top Most Influential bloggers: Award Winning Blog
Some bloggers are increasing every year. There is a massive list of newbie bloggers who are struggling hard to become the top most influential blogger of the year. It is so great to see how blogging is becoming the dangerous profession.

Today I am going to share with the top 50 most influential bloggers I have ever met. These are the bloggers

1) Darren Rowse:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Darren Rowse : Award Winning Blog

Darren Rowse is ranking the top on the list. He is the founder of ProBlogger and one of the top most influential blogger and podcaster. He has over 247k twitter followers. He is a speaker, blogger, and founder of many blogs. He founded Problogger in 2002.

His Blog: ProBlogger

2) Pat Flynn:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Pat Flynn : Award Winning Blog

Pat Flynn is also one of the most influential bloggers I have ever met online. He is the founder of smartpassiveincome. He is not only professional but very genuine and helpful blogger. He has over 152k Twitter followers. He is famous because of his efforts as a blogger who is helping others.

His Blog:

3) Rand Fishkin

Top Most Influential bloggers: Rand Fishkin : Award Winning Blog

Moz founder and CEO Rand Fishkin is also a popular and influential blogger. He is also known as Wizard of Moz. He is also co-founder of SEOmoz. Looking for SEO ideas for your business then he always has something to offer.

His Blog:

4) Jeremy Schoemaker:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Jeremy Schoemaker : Award Winning Blog

He was bullied in his youth. He put all his efforts to become the influential entrepreneur. He is the founder of Shoemoney and co-founder of auctions. His blog Shoemoney is filled with techniques, thoughts, and secrets to improve your business and savings.

His Blog:

5) Erica:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Erica : Award Winning Blog

Erica is also one of the most influential woman bloggers. She has sold her online business for more than 1 million. She is the founder of where she teaches about online money making. She explains all the dos and doesn't of the online world.

Her Blog:

6) Chris Guthrie

Top Most Influential bloggers: Chris Guthrie : Award Winning Blog
Chris Guthrie is a six-figure blogger. He is also a brand in the blogging industry. In his school time, he was trading Pokemon cards. He is the founder of He is making over $14000/month from his efforts.

His Blog:

7) Neil Patel:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Neil Patel : Award Winning Blog

Neil Patel is the brand in SEO industry. He is the founder of and co-founder of many sites such as CrazyEgg and Kissmetrics. He is working with the prominent names and helping them improve their business.

His Blog:

8) Kristi Hines:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Kristi Hines : Award Winning Blog

Kristi Hines is a famous blogger, freelance copywriter, and ghostwriter. She has produced some high-quality articles. She has worked with brands like Social media Examiner, Search engine watch, KISSmetrics, HubSpot, Freshbook, Capital One, Big Commerce and American Express, etc.

Her Blog:

9) Zac Johnson:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Zac Johnson : Award Winning Blog

Zac Johnson is an influential affiliate marketer and founder of He has shared how he made $860k in just four months. You can find his effective affiliate marketing tips on his blog.
His Blog:

10) Mario Lavandeira:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Mario Lavandeira : Award Winning Blog

Mario Lavandeira founded in 2005. He is the most influential celebrity bloggers. His blog has received almost 8 million readers in one day. His blog has over 6.61 million followers on Twitter.

His Blog:

11) Amit Agarwal:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Amit Agarwal : Award Winning Blog

Amit Agarwal is the man who has introduced blogging in India. He is a professional blogger and personal technology columnist. He founded in 2004. He has developed “Mail merge for Gmail” and many web apps.

He has appeared on various tv shows such as NDTV, CNBC, BBC radio, CNN IBN, etc.

His Blog:

12) Gaurav Kumar:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Gaurav Kumar : Award Winning Blog

Gaurav Kumar is also one of the most influential bloggers from India. He founded in 2014. He is the co-founder of many blogs. He is dedicated to spreading blogging culture in India and introduced various online blogging courses to help people.

He has featured on 150+ blogs. He has shared how he is making $800/daily and $1000 from a single article.

His Blog:

13) Sue Dunlevie:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Sue Dunlevie : Award Winning Blog

When it comes to talking about influential women bloggers, I cannot skip talking about Sue Dunlevie. She is the owner of She is also spreading blogging culture with her online coaching programs.

Her Blog:

14) Donna Merrill:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Sue Dunlevie : Award Winning Blog

Donna Merill is also a famous and influential woman blogger. She is the founder of She talks about blogging, social media, internet marketing, network marketing and psychic case files on her blog.

Her Blog:

15) Ryan Biddulph:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Ryan Biddulph : Award Winning Blog
Ryan Biddulph is the most influential travel blogger I have ever seen. He has discovered the new opportunities and told the world how a travel blogger could become a brand. He is also a famous ebook writer.

His Blog:

16) Ree Drummond:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Ree Drummond : Award Winning Blog

Ree Drummond is a famous lifestyle blogger. She is the founder of She has 1.11 Million followers on Twitter. On her blog, she writes about Confessions, Cooking, Food and friends, Fun and learning and also run giveaways.

Her Blog:

17) John Chow:

Top Most Influential bloggers: John Chow : Award Winning Blog

John Chow is also a favorite blogger. According to his blog, he is a million dollar blogger. What I found interesting on his blog is the plan of “MOBE” that he pitches so very well and share how he makes money with it.

He is doing a great job and famous worldwide.

His Blog:

18) Jenny Lawson:

Top Most Influential bloggers: John Chow : Award Winning Blog

Jenny Lawson also is known as “ The Bloggess,”  is a professional blogger. She has 477k followers on Twitter.  She is the writer of top selling book “This Never Happened.”

Her Blog:

19) Archana Doshi:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Archana Doshi : Award Winning Blog

Archana Doshi founded in 2007. It is the leading cooking and recipe website in India. She has featured Google Women Entrepreneur. For healthy and tasty recipes you should follow her blog.

Her Blog:

20) James Schramko:

Top Most Influential bloggers: James Schramko: Award Winning Blog
James Schramko is also one of the most influential bloggers. He is from Australia. He is the founder of He has built a high business empire with his blogging efforts. He is one of the prominent speakers in the world.

His blog:

More are Coming:

These are few of the best and most influential bloggers that I have ever met online till now.

I always recommend you to follow professionals and influencers in your niche as this will help you to understand what they are doing and how they are growing. This will also help you to improve.

Do you think this is the end?


I know that I have missed so many bloggers, but don't worry all be here on the list of top most influential bloggers soon.

I will keep populating this list with favorite bloggers in every niche.

If you are a famous blogger or you know someone who is quite popular, do share with me.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.
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Monday, 1 May 2017

Ways to Smartly Execute Your SEO Campaign

Abstract:SEO campaigns help you improve your business marketing strategies. You can easily increase the numbers of customers by adopting competitive marketing frameworks.

The advent of the internet has made huge impacts on all walks of human life. Of all these, business and marketing are the ones which have mostly evolved under it. Unlike the conventional marketing processes, now you can easily reach out to millions of potential customers, all over the planet, in a matter of seconds. The whole world is your potential market.So, you can sell your products and services to people living in every corner of the globe.

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Ways to Smartly Execute Your SEO Campaign : Award Winning Blog
Ways to Smartly Execute Your SEO Campaign : Award Winning Blog
There are multiple search engines which are popularly used these days with Google being the one most frequently used. Using a right kind of SEO marketing strategy, you can improve the profit prospects of your business.

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In this article, we have briefly discussed some of the ways with which you can smartly execute your SEO campaigns.

Determine your needs

The first thing which you need to do before engaging in an SEO campaign is, determine your needs. You should know about your products and services. Moreover, you should also know the type of people who are more in needs of your produce. Because approaching them through the internet will elevate your chances of making profits.

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Do Market Analysis

Carefully examine the market before entering into it. This needs you to carry out a thorough evaluation whether you will be able to keep pace with other competitors already offering products similar to yours. You should know about their price range and the pros and cons of their products. Then you can use this information as leverage in your own SEO marketing.

Seek Professional Support

Professional SEO campaigners have years of experience in helping corporations increase traffic to their websites. Professional SEO campaigners have good knowledge of the tricks using which you can improve the overall results of your campaign. SEO experts offer services which include SEO build-up as well as its maintenance. So, it is better to get help from professional and improve the outcome of the process.

Invest in right Platforms

Another thing which you need to take care of before engaging in an SEO campaign is the choice of platform you wish to use for the purpose. You can use SEO based video marketing, blogs and written content strategies, or you can use SEO campaign on social media outlets. Whether you wish to have an active campaign on some of these platforms or on all of them depends upon your investment policies.

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Lastly, always try to adopt a complementary approach in your marketing strategies. This is important because you are going to be in direct contacts with your potential customers through these campaigns. Your customers are going to read the blogs, watch the videos, and go through the pictures which you will upload. A complementary approach will help you win over their trust.

Over the internet, you not only reach to your customers but to potential partners and investors too. If you are able to design a right strategy, you can help your business grow many folds. Thus, SEO marketing is a promising tool. All you need to do is adopt a right policy framework for the purpose.

Author: Ayesha McCarthy is a marketing strategist. She is the author of numerous get assignment help online  on the subject of digital marketing.
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5 Award Winning Blogs on Sports and Recreation

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5 Award Winning Blogs on Sports and Recreation : Award Winning Blog
5 Award Winning Blogs on Sports and Recreation : Award Winning Blog
Most of the people love sports. Someone love Basketball, some other one love American Football. The most amazing fact is that there’s no sports without the bunch of fans in this world. But, a few of those fans are just crazy about sports. They not only like to read about the sports they love, but also they love to write about their favorite sports and stars. This is the primary reason to create a sports and recreational blog.

Another reason of creating a sports blog is that it doesn’t require you to break the bank. A news site may cost you to pay the reporters, a research site may cost you to invest enough time, but, a sports blog just requires your passion and provide honor, love and popularity in return. If you’re also a big fan of sports, if you consider creating a blog on your favorite sports, it’ll be pleasing for you to have a look at some award winning blogs on sports and recreation.

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This will help you to design your blog in a better way, this will inspire you to write something better for your readers, even this also will assist you in making some money. Based on the fun, creativity, scope of making money and the provided value to the readers, we’ve selected 5 popular blogs which surely will show you the way to start your own sports blog.

Award Winning Blog NO.1: Ali on the Run

Ali on the Run is a successful sports blog run by the marathon runner Ali. Her blog represents a lots of videos and updates on the races she runs. The blog has been started in October 2010 with a deep intention to keep it’s focus on running. This blog successfully depicted Ali’s first marathon training in 2011 which is very helpful for the beginners who also like to participate in the marathon.

Instead of being a professional blog, Ali on the Run is a bit more personal. However, later on, Ali broadened her nonexistent personal boundaries to her forays into spinning, yoga and even to her personal interests under the name of 100 Happy Things. You’ll get all about Ali’s personal life on this blog which is really very inspirational to do something for your pleasure.

This blog has won the award of Outstanding Running Blogs in 2017. The most interesting thing of this blog is that it represent the details of Ali’s participation in the marathon. From the very first date of marathon training to the end, from the National Run Concierge for Westin Hotels to the overcoming of physical issues, everything, almost everything is represented here in the form of podcast and even, still now, new episodes come out every Tuesday and Thursday and there’s an option to directly contact with Ali from her blog.

Award Winning Blog NO.2: Sporting Goods Info

Sporting Goods Info is one of the finest blogs on sports I’ve ever seen. This blog represents a lots of helpful resource and buying guide for it’s readers. Whether, you’re a basketball player or a fitness enthusiast, this amazing blog will help you to improve your skill. Yes, the most interesting part of this blog is skill improvement tips for the athletes and sportsman.

Recently this blog has published a detailed guide on individual workout routines for the basketball players to improve their strength and stamina. Not only this, but also you’ll get the information on most popular snorkeling spots, list of top 10 popular outdoor activities, definitive guide on catching fish, benefits of Jump Rope and Trampolining on this single blog.

But, the main focus of Sporting Goods Info is on weight loss and fitness. You know, overweight is a burden to enjoy any recreational activities and even to play any sport. This makes a great sense and that’s why this blog tries to inspire people to do something to lose weight. You’ll be astonished to know that this blog offers some funny ways to lose your weight. For example, instead of asking you to go to the gym to lose your weight, this blog shows you that how effectively jump rope, trampolining or playing basketball can burn your fat. If you also need to lose your weight, feel free to have a visit to this blog.

Award Winning Blog NO.3: The Boring Runner

This is another blog on running by Adam, a recreational runner and a part time blogger. His one and only goal behind the boring runner is to stay in a great shape. The name of this blog may disappoint you, but, this isn’t boring at all. Moreover, it’s pretty entertaining, encouraging and informational. The most valuable thing of this blog is that Adam offers coaching on running through this blog. So, if you like to enjoy running, this blog will be of great value to you.

Award Winning Blog NO.4: The Business of Sports

The Business of Sports is a fantastic blog on sports niche edited by Russell Scibetti. If you like to make some money from blogging on your favorite sports, then this blog is a must read for you. This awesome blog represents the new ideas of the commercial sides of any sports or sports events.

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Unlike Sporting Goods Info, this blog is not suitable if you like to improve your sporting skills. But, this blog will be a great guide for you if you want to earn something like money or popularity from any popular sports. You’ll get the details of ticket sales, sports brand promotions, sponsorship activation and fan engagement facts on this blog. The name of this blog amazingly reflects its consulting areas.

Award Winning Blog NO.5: The Football Girl

If you’re a big fan of football, then The Football Girl is waiting for you to surprise you. From NFL rules to Tom Brady's new haircut, you’ll get everything on this single blog. You even can participate in their roundup programme. You know, American football is the number one sport in the United States and it’s a fact of curiosity to know the afterlife of the highest paid athletes like NFL players.

So, to satisfy you and also to make you happy, this blog represents the NFL Afterlife, Rookie Roundup, Podcasts of NFL players, Football A to Z, Player Position and Current Ranking and other statistical charts. So, to get any update  of your favorite football and NFL superstars, you can bookmark this blog.

Whether, you’re a big fan of sports, or a rookie to make money from blogging, these blogs will help you to start your journey. Read these blogs, find some similar blogs to these ones and start your own blog. You’ve already seen that Ali is a marathon runner and she has a blog, Adam is also a runner, he also has his own personal blog. Actually, a personal blog contributes a lot to improve the popularity of the athletes and sports lovers. No more today. Have fun with your favorite sports and enjoy blogging.
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Owner of Tinder Has Conceived that the User Can Get Their Partners within Five Years

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Owner of Tinder Has Conceived that the User Can Get Their Partners within Five Years : Award Winning Blog
Owner of Tinder Has Conceived that the User Can Get Their Partners within Five Years : Award Winning Blog
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As we are known that the users of Tinder mobile application are easily getting the benefit of online dating. This service is mainly used to select the people to get into the relationship and we can chat with them through online. Nowadays the people are excited about the recent technologies and they are looking for some desired task to perform. In the modern world, there are so many advanced features are available to achieve a specific task.

This online dating mobile application contains so many different features with it. Recently it will lead to the dating process with an artificial intelligence and it could be an efficient way to be in a contact with people through online. It reveals some advanced technologies to increase its standard and strategy in a certain level. There are some indispensable terms and conditions are available to access this application and make use it. Certain mobile applications are accessible on a particular platform which expands the process towards the demand.

Due to the technology development, most of the processes are trying to achieve with the support of internet connection. In the current scenario, there is 72 percent of people are accessing the mobile application. In fact, an admirable technology of Tinder performs and executes a result in various aspects. Let we have a detailed explanation about the mobile application of Tinder and its performance towards dating. We can access the options whatever we want, with the help of constant or defined procedure.

In that population, there is 16 percent of people are accessing the specifications of Tinder which is mainly used to get into the relationship. This service is matching the people as per their qualities and qualifications in the world. We can estimate it by the update in online profile which contains every detail of the user. This service has a number of security and privacy settings with it to be away from the additional issues.

Tinder is one of the mobile specifications which can be activated default and we can access this particular amount of data. Artificial intelligence is a manual thing which is created to develop the systematic process of the application. This application is dominating the world by its performance and sidelining the other services. It can be run on the platform of Android and internet operating system which is available as a handheld one.

This online dating mobile application has an advanced feature of an artificial intelligence.  The main purpose of this feature is to perform certain task towards the process of dating. In the forthcoming generation, there will be some modifications and implementations are introduced in the mobile application. This is a location-based mobile application to select the people for a relationship. Voice-activated digital assistance also provided in this online dating mobile application of Tinder.

According to the statement from the Global Corporation which is in California, the online dating mobile application of Tinder is anticipated with a number of recent techniques. It can be accessible through the Social Medias like Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter etc. we can follow the link and register our details to create an account for this service and it is achieved through online. Nowadays the world has been changed fully of technology and advanced features in a specific field.

An internet connection facilitates the user in a different manner which is providing an extraordinary result. Every action which is processed in this mobile application is updated as a notification to the user who is accessing it. We can share or update a digital image through online and this online dating service is mainly used to communicate with the other people. The addition of videos in the application is possible while the process of updating the information.

Initially, the mobile application of Tinder is mainly used to communicate with the people and after that; it grew up for an online dating. The main bone of the organization which is maintaining this online dating is created with the dating related techniques. We can get every detail about the recent update of the particular user or the opponent users. Comparing to the antique day's performance, nowadays the mobile applications are dominating the world by its features.

Assessment of online dating service is efficiently achieved throughout 6 hundred million people in the world. The specifications may vary depends on the need of the user and the result will be same for every task towards an online dating. While activating and using this application, it directly displays our match who is having an account with it as an opponent user. This online conversation will lead to the future love to the user who is looking for.

Instant messages are possible in this online dating service and we can send a message to the opponent user. If the user follows these terms perfectly for at least five years, within that duration we can get into the relationship through online. In the year of 2012, this online dating service has been launched successfully. Currently, this application has 50 million active users around the world and there is an availability of process like swiping right and left etc.

The user can utilize the artificial intelligence with corresponding specifications which are inbuilt with an application. Artificial intelligence is activated on the service and it searches the people who are matching for us. It maintains a profile for an individual user who is having an account o this service. The profile pictures should be an attractive one to increase the success rate of the profile. The right swiping process is completely used for the data avoidance in Tinder, online dating mobile application.
In a single system, we can access more than 450 opponent users to chat and being in a contact. A most admirable thing in the tinder is that the mobile application of Tinder will facilitate everything in a perfect manner corresponding to the user. While establishing certain rules towards the process of dating, this is mandatory to know about every detail of an option. In the world, 87 percent of people are accessing the mobile application only for reducing the work timing and manual work.

There is no more online dating application which sidelines the process and performance of Tinder. We can modify the features and every process can be achieved within five years. Similar to this online dating, there are so many services are available in an advanced manner. If we want to modify the features we can modify with the advanced technology which is dominating the world currently. Eventhough this online dating service has so many advanced features with limited restrictions, it has some feedbacks too.

There is a possibility to create a fake profile in the Tinder through an online connection. Because of this, we can maintain the relationship with bad people who can make some issues. We should be aware of that and we have to make a proper relationship with the help of this app. Initially, it started with the online dating process and after that, it leads to the offline dating. The accomplishment of this technology is perfectly achieved with the help of success rate method.

About the Author:

Anand Rajendran is the CEO and Co-Founder of ZoPlay, a web design and mobile app development company located in India. Datingo app is the latest dating app created by his company with tinder clone scripts that allows the users to find their matches who have common interests.
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Top 10 Social Media Networks that Every Blogger Should Use

If you want to gain unlimited benefits from one action that means you need to use social media networks. there are more than one benefits of using any social network. To start a social media presence all you need is create profiles, pages or groups on social media platforms and start promoting your blog content on these networks.

Top 10 Social Media Networks that Every Blogger Should Use : Award Winning Blog
Top 10 Social Media Networks that Every Blogger Should Use : Award Winning Blog
 Now you may ask that why you should use social media networks? Her are the reasons:
1) Unlimited traffic
2) Brand Awareness
3) Increase follower-ship
4) generate more leads and more revenue

These are the most common reasons why every brand or small business stays active on various social media platforms.

Today I am going to share about the top social media network that you should use to improve your blog traffic, brand awareness and increase followers.

Top 10 social media sites:


When I talk about social media, How can O forget about Facebook, the social media giant. Facebook was founded in 2004 and within few years it has gained billions of active users. Every popular and small business should be on Facebook to promote their content and features to create awareness among the people around the globe. You can not only create profile but also create Page and Group to share content and gain traffic.


twitter has changed the blogging to micro blogging. It has shown the world how 140 characters can bring a great impact to a business. The good news is that no twitter is not counting the images as text so you have exactly 1450 characters to show in your tweets to share your content or spread awareness about something.

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Are you not so social or you don`t want to share your business with non-professionals, then Linkedin is for you.

Linkedin is also a social network but of professionals only. You cna connect with professionals around the worls, share your content ask for reviews and suggestions to improve and also hire freelancers or full time workers.


When every business understands the importance of soaicl media, How can Google stay behind? Google has launched Google+ in 2011. Business and individuals share their content on Google+ because of its SEO value. It brings the huge impact on social media.


It`s time to talk about Vblogging. We all know about Youtube. It is not just for people who want to watch trailers or songs, but it is also for professionals who want to share their content in video and gain advantages of vblogging. It was founded in 2010 and now every small and large business utilize YouTube to boost engagement.


Let`s use the old method of pinning important notes in virtual world. Pinterest has given the world this creative idea to pin important posts or content of various blogs or sites using Pinterest Pin option. On Pinterest you can easily create the "board" of your choice and start adding the related pins in that board. You can also increase followers and gain numerous traffic from Pinterest.


Here comes the cousin of Facebook. Instagram allsows you to share images related to your business, brands, or various topics. Instagram has more than 400 million monthly active users. It is owned by Facebook. There are the great chances that what you share on Instagram, will be shared on Facebook by users of Instagram.


Now you may find yourself struggling when using Tumblr, but it dosen`t mean that it has less value. Tumblr is still a popular social media network founded in 2007 by David Karp. With over 200 Million blogs it tells the story of it`s own popularity. You can create you own blog on Tumblr and start sharing your content.


Let`s play the Question/Answer game. Quora is the biggest name in the question/answer portal. It was founded in 2009 and with over 80 million monthly users it is dominating this kind of social networks.


Bizsugar is also a name which I like to include in the list of top 10 social media sites. It is a social networking platform, where you can submit your links and description with the existing users. It allows you to share articles, blogs, podcasts etc.

Now you know these are the top 10 social media networks that you should use to boost traffic, followers and sales. Sharing the content with millions of active users is always fruitful. So what are you waiting for, start taking advantage of these networks.
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Monday, 3 April 2017

10 Innovative Ways To Make Money Online

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A decade ago if you claimed that it was possible for an average guy who lived across the street to make millions of dollars online, then chances are that you must heard a good laugh. Today, you will find innumerable internet millionaires who turned a small idea into obscene profit, simply by using the power of the internet to promote their online business or by simply working their ass off to sell their skills.
10 Innovative Ways To Make Money Online : Award WInning Blog
10 Innovative Ways To Make Money Online : Award WInning Blog
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While it’s highly unlikely that you will ever earn enough to buy your own private island, there is nothing that can stop you from making good money online to live a comfortable life. Even though, the media will make you believe that there are only few who are lucky enough to earn in millions online, you will still come across people who stumbles on a great idea that went in making a lot of money and people are living exclusively on online income. Here are some innovative ways through which you can earn money.

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 Sell Stock Photography

The internet has caused a massive explosion with the passage of time. As the number of media and commercial places have increased on a large scale with the growth of online media there is an enormous need for high quality stock photos. There are many professional photographers out there who are selling their high quality and imaginative photos on stock selling images online. Yuri Arcurs is another famous photographer selling images every eight seconds, 24 hours a day and earns in millions all year round.

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 Tweet For Sponsors is an online platform that allow you to make money on Twitter simply by charging sponsors for communicating with their advertising messages to your followers. You fix an amount you want to be paid for every tweet you make, choose a category and selected keywords you want to work with. You then wait for the advertisers to contact you and make an offer, paying you the amount for every specific tweet that you make. All throughout this process the tweeter has the complete control over their account and may select wording of the tweets, or may choose to reject the tweet altogether.

Blogging For Ad Revenues

If, though, you already own a blog and have a strong following it should be very easy for you to convert it into a cash earning source for you. Ad networks like Google AdSense can get you big money for the ads placed on your website and you will receive a payment every time a reader clicks one. While it seems a little spammy to fit every spare pixels, if you place your ads properly you can make a comfortable income from your website.

Sell Affiliate Products

If you have a flair for writing sales copy then you should try selling products for affiliates. While many people take a dingy route of selling penis enlargement products and diet pills, if you want to keep a clear conscience then you will find that Amazon has a very successful affiliate program that will allow you to make money advertising any of the product for sale on their website. You would also like to know that eBay also has a very successful affiliate program.

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Write An EBook

If you have a flair for writing then why don’t you get self-published? In the past few years the online world has exploded in terms of self-publishing, if you get successfully published then you won’t even have to run your own website to promote a book. Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Amazon are just a few websites that could self-publish you, with commission rates of around 70% on every sale.

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Become A Virtual Assistant

Every small businessman would love to hire a virtual assistant full time to take care of small things, but many can’t simply afford one. But thanks to the internet, they can now hire part time assistants who work for a whole host of clients, and all at a much lower cost than a full time staff member.
If you are fond of working from home then this can be a great opportunity for you. Virtual assistants can earn around $20 an hour in return for booking travel tickets, interacting with different clients and dealing with daily small business needs.

Lease Your Skills

Many people have at least on skill that carries a market value, however until now that skill might not have the value in the traditional market. Sites like Elance, Upwork, Freelaner, 99 Designs and iWriter allow people to hire out other people for their skills like translators, designers, writers etc on a contract basis. Freelancing websites are an amazing way to boost your income in your free time and with proper motivation and hard work you can find yourself earning a better full time income from the comforts of your home.

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SellOn Ebay

eBay is another great way to make money, you can spend little money on unwanted things, but it isn’t the place where you can sell your Star Wars action figures. eBay is a global marketplace that offers a great way for canny traders to sell and  buy their way to profit. By purchasing wholesale you can sell anything with a markup. Even better, if you have the right skills to make things that people want to buy you could start your own homemade crafts and sell it to consumers all around the world.

Become A Mobile App Tester

People who are good at application development potential can make use of their skill to make some extra cash by using their smartphone. People who have time and the desire to try new iPhone apps can get paid for their efforts. uTest is one of those applications. Individuals that have signed up will also build up their credibly for testing different apps.

Designing T-Shirts

Finally if you have an artistic flair in you then why not go for designing t-shirts. People nowadays are crazy for viral sensation or funky t-shirts. And if you are good with color combinations and designing then make use of your skills and earn some extra cash from it. There are many amazing T-shirt heat press machines in 2017, you must read about them.


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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Award Winning Blogging Tools for Bloggers

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Blogging is a time consuming job, if you don't know how to manage your time well. There are many blogging tools available online. Lets see which best blogging tools pro bloggers use and recommend.

Best Blogging Tools for Bloggers : Award Winning Blog
Best Blogging Tools for Bloggers : Award Winning Blog

Award Winning Blogging Tools for Bloggers

Best logging Tools (Steve Counsell)

Once a blog post is written, the tools I use to promote it are:

This helps to give readers the easiest way for them to share or "like" my content on any of the social platforms they have a connection with.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+
Pushing out links to my content over Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ is a great way to promo the content I've just published. I notice that when I publich links to my content multiple times each day I get a better take up rate such as more followers on Tribber and move profile views on LinkedIn.

My simple tools (THGM Ghostwriters)

I use pretty simple tools, since my blog is not monetized, and that's where things get complicated.  I like Digg Digg, because it helps users share my posts and build my reputation.  I like that it floats with my content as readers scroll.

I like because I like to watch progress.

Every now and then I check that my posts are readable at

I am also a big fan of MyBlogU for generating details and examples that I really need to come from others.

Skype is probably my best tool overall, although I don't think of it that way, but so many ideas come from Skype, so much support of peers, so much help sharing posts once they are written, and a lot of input into posts (examples, quotes, etc.) come from Skype chats or one-on-ones.

And Twitter really helps me spread the word about my posts more than any other tool.

I also find a big glass of water helps energize me for writing a post non-stop for an hour.

Anything that helps you plan, execute and track ( Leticia Perez)

For me, the best blogging tools are those that help you work faster and better. For example, I use tools like IFTT and Publicize to auto-promote my posts, and Buffer to keep my social networks with great content even when I cannot be connected.

But for me the most useful tools are the ones that help you identify problems and trends. You could just use Google Analytics fo that, but if you really want to discover what's working, I'd recommend a meta-analytics tool like Sumall, where you can compare your twitter activity to your bounce rate, visitors and so on.

Blogging Tips ( jaideep)

Be original, Be consistent. Share your thoughts in a non-imposing manner.

Thank you all for sharing your tips and tools to improve journey of a blogger. It is really good to use helpful tools to ease your blogging way and get maximum out of your time.
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