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Top Most Influential bloggers

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Blogging is the most substantial part of prominent marketing. An influential blogger not only helps his readers but also help brands by sharing their products and services on his blog.

Brands always keep looking for the most influential bloggers of every niche to spread the word about their products.

Top Most Influential bloggers: Award Winning Blog
Top Most Influential bloggers: Award Winning Blog
Some bloggers are increasing every year. There is a massive list of newbie bloggers who are struggling hard to become the top most influential blogger of the year. It is so great to see how blogging is becoming the dangerous profession.

Today I am going to share with the top 50 most influential bloggers I have ever met. These are the bloggers

1) Darren Rowse:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Darren Rowse : Award Winning Blog

Darren Rowse is ranking the top on the list. He is the founder of ProBlogger and one of the top most influential blogger and podcaster. He has over 247k twitter followers. He is a speaker, blogger, and founder of many blogs. He founded Problogger in 2002.

His Blog: ProBlogger

2) Pat Flynn:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Pat Flynn : Award Winning Blog

Pat Flynn is also one of the most influential bloggers I have ever met online. He is the founder of smartpassiveincome. He is not only professional but very genuine and helpful blogger. He has over 152k Twitter followers. He is famous because of his efforts as a blogger who is helping others.

His Blog:

3) Rand Fishkin

Top Most Influential bloggers: Rand Fishkin : Award Winning Blog

Moz founder and CEO Rand Fishkin is also a popular and influential blogger. He is also known as Wizard of Moz. He is also co-founder of SEOmoz. Looking for SEO ideas for your business then he always has something to offer.

His Blog:

4) Jeremy Schoemaker:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Jeremy Schoemaker : Award Winning Blog

He was bullied in his youth. He put all his efforts to become the influential entrepreneur. He is the founder of Shoemoney and co-founder of auctions. His blog Shoemoney is filled with techniques, thoughts, and secrets to improve your business and savings.

His Blog:

5) Erica:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Erica : Award Winning Blog

Erica is also one of the most influential woman bloggers. She has sold her online business for more than 1 million. She is the founder of where she teaches about online money making. She explains all the dos and doesn't of the online world.

Her Blog:

6) Chris Guthrie

Top Most Influential bloggers: Chris Guthrie : Award Winning Blog
Chris Guthrie is a six-figure blogger. He is also a brand in the blogging industry. In his school time, he was trading Pokemon cards. He is the founder of He is making over $14000/month from his efforts.

His Blog:

7) Neil Patel:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Neil Patel : Award Winning Blog

Neil Patel is the brand in SEO industry. He is the founder of and co-founder of many sites such as CrazyEgg and Kissmetrics. He is working with the prominent names and helping them improve their business.

His Blog:

8) Kristi Hines:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Kristi Hines : Award Winning Blog

Kristi Hines is a famous blogger, freelance copywriter, and ghostwriter. She has produced some high-quality articles. She has worked with brands like Social media Examiner, Search engine watch, KISSmetrics, HubSpot, Freshbook, Capital One, Big Commerce and American Express, etc.

Her Blog:

9) Zac Johnson:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Zac Johnson : Award Winning Blog

Zac Johnson is an influential affiliate marketer and founder of He has shared how he made $860k in just four months. You can find his effective affiliate marketing tips on his blog.
His Blog:

10) Mario Lavandeira:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Mario Lavandeira : Award Winning Blog

Mario Lavandeira founded in 2005. He is the most influential celebrity bloggers. His blog has received almost 8 million readers in one day. His blog has over 6.61 million followers on Twitter.

His Blog:

11) Amit Agarwal:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Amit Agarwal : Award Winning Blog

Amit Agarwal is the man who has introduced blogging in India. He is a professional blogger and personal technology columnist. He founded in 2004. He has developed “Mail merge for Gmail” and many web apps.

He has appeared on various tv shows such as NDTV, CNBC, BBC radio, CNN IBN, etc.

His Blog:

12) Gaurav Kumar:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Gaurav Kumar : Award Winning Blog

Gaurav Kumar is also one of the most influential bloggers from India. He founded in 2014. He is the co-founder of many blogs. He is dedicated to spreading blogging culture in India and introduced various online blogging courses to help people.

He has featured on 150+ blogs. He has shared how he is making $800/daily and $1000 from a single article.

His Blog:

13) Sue Dunlevie:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Sue Dunlevie : Award Winning Blog

When it comes to talking about influential women bloggers, I cannot skip talking about Sue Dunlevie. She is the owner of She is also spreading blogging culture with her online coaching programs.

Her Blog:

14) Donna Merrill:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Sue Dunlevie : Award Winning Blog

Donna Merill is also a famous and influential woman blogger. She is the founder of She talks about blogging, social media, internet marketing, network marketing and psychic case files on her blog.

Her Blog:

15) Ryan Biddulph:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Ryan Biddulph : Award Winning Blog
Ryan Biddulph is the most influential travel blogger I have ever seen. He has discovered the new opportunities and told the world how a travel blogger could become a brand. He is also a famous ebook writer.

His Blog:

16) Ree Drummond:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Ree Drummond : Award Winning Blog

Ree Drummond is a famous lifestyle blogger. She is the founder of She has 1.11 Million followers on Twitter. On her blog, she writes about Confessions, Cooking, Food and friends, Fun and learning and also run giveaways.

Her Blog:

17) John Chow:

Top Most Influential bloggers: John Chow : Award Winning Blog

John Chow is also a favorite blogger. According to his blog, he is a million dollar blogger. What I found interesting on his blog is the plan of “MOBE” that he pitches so very well and share how he makes money with it.

He is doing a great job and famous worldwide.

His Blog:

18) Jenny Lawson:

Top Most Influential bloggers: John Chow : Award Winning Blog

Jenny Lawson also is known as “ The Bloggess,”  is a professional blogger. She has 477k followers on Twitter.  She is the writer of top selling book “This Never Happened.”

Her Blog:

19) Archana Doshi:

Top Most Influential bloggers: Archana Doshi : Award Winning Blog

Archana Doshi founded in 2007. It is the leading cooking and recipe website in India. She has featured Google Women Entrepreneur. For healthy and tasty recipes you should follow her blog.

Her Blog:

20) James Schramko:

Top Most Influential bloggers: James Schramko: Award Winning Blog
James Schramko is also one of the most influential bloggers. He is from Australia. He is the founder of He has built a high business empire with his blogging efforts. He is one of the prominent speakers in the world.

His blog:

More are Coming:

These are few of the best and most influential bloggers that I have ever met online till now.

I always recommend you to follow professionals and influencers in your niche as this will help you to understand what they are doing and how they are growing. This will also help you to improve.

Do you think this is the end?


I know that I have missed so many bloggers, but don't worry all be here on the list of top most influential bloggers soon.

I will keep populating this list with favorite bloggers in every niche.

If you are a famous blogger or you know someone who is quite popular, do share with me.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.
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