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Top 10 Social Media Networks that Every Blogger Should Use

If you want to gain unlimited benefits from one action that means you need to use social media networks. there are more than one benefits of using any social network. To start a social media presence all you need is create profiles, pages or groups on social media platforms and start promoting your blog content on these networks.

Top 10 Social Media Networks that Every Blogger Should Use : Award Winning Blog
Top 10 Social Media Networks that Every Blogger Should Use : Award Winning Blog
 Now you may ask that why you should use social media networks? Her are the reasons:
1) Unlimited traffic
2) Brand Awareness
3) Increase follower-ship
4) generate more leads and more revenue

These are the most common reasons why every brand or small business stays active on various social media platforms.

Today I am going to share about the top social media network that you should use to improve your blog traffic, brand awareness and increase followers.

Top 10 social media sites:


When I talk about social media, How can O forget about Facebook, the social media giant. Facebook was founded in 2004 and within few years it has gained billions of active users. Every popular and small business should be on Facebook to promote their content and features to create awareness among the people around the globe. You can not only create profile but also create Page and Group to share content and gain traffic.


twitter has changed the blogging to micro blogging. It has shown the world how 140 characters can bring a great impact to a business. The good news is that no twitter is not counting the images as text so you have exactly 1450 characters to show in your tweets to share your content or spread awareness about something.

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Are you not so social or you don`t want to share your business with non-professionals, then Linkedin is for you.

Linkedin is also a social network but of professionals only. You cna connect with professionals around the worls, share your content ask for reviews and suggestions to improve and also hire freelancers or full time workers.


When every business understands the importance of soaicl media, How can Google stay behind? Google has launched Google+ in 2011. Business and individuals share their content on Google+ because of its SEO value. It brings the huge impact on social media.


It`s time to talk about Vblogging. We all know about Youtube. It is not just for people who want to watch trailers or songs, but it is also for professionals who want to share their content in video and gain advantages of vblogging. It was founded in 2010 and now every small and large business utilize YouTube to boost engagement.


Let`s use the old method of pinning important notes in virtual world. Pinterest has given the world this creative idea to pin important posts or content of various blogs or sites using Pinterest Pin option. On Pinterest you can easily create the "board" of your choice and start adding the related pins in that board. You can also increase followers and gain numerous traffic from Pinterest.


Here comes the cousin of Facebook. Instagram allsows you to share images related to your business, brands, or various topics. Instagram has more than 400 million monthly active users. It is owned by Facebook. There are the great chances that what you share on Instagram, will be shared on Facebook by users of Instagram.


Now you may find yourself struggling when using Tumblr, but it dosen`t mean that it has less value. Tumblr is still a popular social media network founded in 2007 by David Karp. With over 200 Million blogs it tells the story of it`s own popularity. You can create you own blog on Tumblr and start sharing your content.


Let`s play the Question/Answer game. Quora is the biggest name in the question/answer portal. It was founded in 2009 and with over 80 million monthly users it is dominating this kind of social networks.


Bizsugar is also a name which I like to include in the list of top 10 social media sites. It is a social networking platform, where you can submit your links and description with the existing users. It allows you to share articles, blogs, podcasts etc.

Now you know these are the top 10 social media networks that you should use to boost traffic, followers and sales. Sharing the content with millions of active users is always fruitful. So what are you waiting for, start taking advantage of these networks.
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  1. Thank for this details, you posted this with new ideas which really helpful.
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  2. The above social media sites help a lot to increase the SERP of the website in a short time duration and also engage the targeted users.