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5 Award Winning Blogs on Sports and Recreation

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5 Award Winning Blogs on Sports and Recreation : Award Winning Blog
5 Award Winning Blogs on Sports and Recreation : Award Winning Blog
Most of the people love sports. Someone love Basketball, some other one love American Football. The most amazing fact is that there’s no sports without the bunch of fans in this world. But, a few of those fans are just crazy about sports. They not only like to read about the sports they love, but also they love to write about their favorite sports and stars. This is the primary reason to create a sports and recreational blog.

Another reason of creating a sports blog is that it doesn’t require you to break the bank. A news site may cost you to pay the reporters, a research site may cost you to invest enough time, but, a sports blog just requires your passion and provide honor, love and popularity in return. If you’re also a big fan of sports, if you consider creating a blog on your favorite sports, it’ll be pleasing for you to have a look at some award winning blogs on sports and recreation.

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This will help you to design your blog in a better way, this will inspire you to write something better for your readers, even this also will assist you in making some money. Based on the fun, creativity, scope of making money and the provided value to the readers, we’ve selected 5 popular blogs which surely will show you the way to start your own sports blog.

Award Winning Blog NO.1: Ali on the Run

Ali on the Run is a successful sports blog run by the marathon runner Ali. Her blog represents a lots of videos and updates on the races she runs. The blog has been started in October 2010 with a deep intention to keep it’s focus on running. This blog successfully depicted Ali’s first marathon training in 2011 which is very helpful for the beginners who also like to participate in the marathon.

Instead of being a professional blog, Ali on the Run is a bit more personal. However, later on, Ali broadened her nonexistent personal boundaries to her forays into spinning, yoga and even to her personal interests under the name of 100 Happy Things. You’ll get all about Ali’s personal life on this blog which is really very inspirational to do something for your pleasure.

This blog has won the award of Outstanding Running Blogs in 2017. The most interesting thing of this blog is that it represent the details of Ali’s participation in the marathon. From the very first date of marathon training to the end, from the National Run Concierge for Westin Hotels to the overcoming of physical issues, everything, almost everything is represented here in the form of podcast and even, still now, new episodes come out every Tuesday and Thursday and there’s an option to directly contact with Ali from her blog.

Award Winning Blog NO.2: Sporting Goods Info

Sporting Goods Info is one of the finest blogs on sports I’ve ever seen. This blog represents a lots of helpful resource and buying guide for it’s readers. Whether, you’re a basketball player or a fitness enthusiast, this amazing blog will help you to improve your skill. Yes, the most interesting part of this blog is skill improvement tips for the athletes and sportsman.

Recently this blog has published a detailed guide on individual workout routines for the basketball players to improve their strength and stamina. Not only this, but also you’ll get the information on most popular snorkeling spots, list of top 10 popular outdoor activities, definitive guide on catching fish, benefits of Jump Rope and Trampolining on this single blog.

But, the main focus of Sporting Goods Info is on weight loss and fitness. You know, overweight is a burden to enjoy any recreational activities and even to play any sport. This makes a great sense and that’s why this blog tries to inspire people to do something to lose weight. You’ll be astonished to know that this blog offers some funny ways to lose your weight. For example, instead of asking you to go to the gym to lose your weight, this blog shows you that how effectively jump rope, trampolining or playing basketball can burn your fat. If you also need to lose your weight, feel free to have a visit to this blog.

Award Winning Blog NO.3: The Boring Runner

This is another blog on running by Adam, a recreational runner and a part time blogger. His one and only goal behind the boring runner is to stay in a great shape. The name of this blog may disappoint you, but, this isn’t boring at all. Moreover, it’s pretty entertaining, encouraging and informational. The most valuable thing of this blog is that Adam offers coaching on running through this blog. So, if you like to enjoy running, this blog will be of great value to you.

Award Winning Blog NO.4: The Business of Sports

The Business of Sports is a fantastic blog on sports niche edited by Russell Scibetti. If you like to make some money from blogging on your favorite sports, then this blog is a must read for you. This awesome blog represents the new ideas of the commercial sides of any sports or sports events.

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Unlike Sporting Goods Info, this blog is not suitable if you like to improve your sporting skills. But, this blog will be a great guide for you if you want to earn something like money or popularity from any popular sports. You’ll get the details of ticket sales, sports brand promotions, sponsorship activation and fan engagement facts on this blog. The name of this blog amazingly reflects its consulting areas.

Award Winning Blog NO.5: The Football Girl

If you’re a big fan of football, then The Football Girl is waiting for you to surprise you. From NFL rules to Tom Brady's new haircut, you’ll get everything on this single blog. You even can participate in their roundup programme. You know, American football is the number one sport in the United States and it’s a fact of curiosity to know the afterlife of the highest paid athletes like NFL players.

So, to satisfy you and also to make you happy, this blog represents the NFL Afterlife, Rookie Roundup, Podcasts of NFL players, Football A to Z, Player Position and Current Ranking and other statistical charts. So, to get any update  of your favorite football and NFL superstars, you can bookmark this blog.

Whether, you’re a big fan of sports, or a rookie to make money from blogging, these blogs will help you to start your journey. Read these blogs, find some similar blogs to these ones and start your own blog. You’ve already seen that Ali is a marathon runner and she has a blog, Adam is also a runner, he also has his own personal blog. Actually, a personal blog contributes a lot to improve the popularity of the athletes and sports lovers. No more today. Have fun with your favorite sports and enjoy blogging.
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