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Award Winning Blogging Tools for Bloggers

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Blogging is a time consuming job, if you don't know how to manage your time well. There are many blogging tools available online. Lets see which best blogging tools pro bloggers use and recommend.

Best Blogging Tools for Bloggers : Award Winning Blog
Best Blogging Tools for Bloggers : Award Winning Blog

Award Winning Blogging Tools for Bloggers

Best logging Tools (Steve Counsell)

Once a blog post is written, the tools I use to promote it are:

This helps to give readers the easiest way for them to share or "like" my content on any of the social platforms they have a connection with.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+
Pushing out links to my content over Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ is a great way to promo the content I've just published. I notice that when I publich links to my content multiple times each day I get a better take up rate such as more followers on Tribber and move profile views on LinkedIn.

My simple tools (THGM Ghostwriters)

I use pretty simple tools, since my blog is not monetized, and that's where things get complicated.  I like Digg Digg, because it helps users share my posts and build my reputation.  I like that it floats with my content as readers scroll.

I like Sharetally.co because I like to watch progress.

Every now and then I check that my posts are readable at http://read-able.com/

I am also a big fan of MyBlogU for generating details and examples that I really need to come from others.

Skype is probably my best tool overall, although I don't think of it that way, but so many ideas come from Skype, so much support of peers, so much help sharing posts once they are written, and a lot of input into posts (examples, quotes, etc.) come from Skype chats or one-on-ones.

And Twitter really helps me spread the word about my posts more than any other tool.

I also find a big glass of water helps energize me for writing a post non-stop for an hour.

Anything that helps you plan, execute and track ( Leticia Perez)

For me, the best blogging tools are those that help you work faster and better. For example, I use tools like IFTT and Publicize to auto-promote my posts, and Buffer to keep my social networks with great content even when I cannot be connected.

But for me the most useful tools are the ones that help you identify problems and trends. You could just use Google Analytics fo that, but if you really want to discover what's working, I'd recommend a meta-analytics tool like Sumall, where you can compare your twitter activity to your bounce rate, visitors and so on.

Blogging Tips ( jaideep)

Be original, Be consistent. Share your thoughts in a non-imposing manner.

Thank you all for sharing your tips and tools to improve journey of a blogger. It is really good to use helpful tools to ease your blogging way and get maximum out of your time.
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