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Award Winning Way to Make 100 Dollars A Day With Adsense

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As I always say, Adsense is the first love in life of a blogger. I have been asked so many times about how to make 100 dollars everyday with Adsense, as minimum payout limit is 100 dollars. Adsense is no 1 contextual ad network and a big source of income for majority of bloggers. Adsense is a CPC program. When anyone click on the ads placed on your blog, you will make money according to the ad.

Award Winning Way to Make 100 Dollars A Day With Adsense : Award Winning Blog
Award Winning Way to Make 100 Dollars A Day With Adsense : Award Winning Blog

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If you think that making 100 dollars a day with Adsnse is not possible or hard then I must say it`s not as hard as people usually imagine. You can make 100USD very easily if you follow Adsense guidelines. So today I will talk about how you can earn 100 USD a day with Adsense.

How To Make 100 Dollars A Day With Adsense

There are many ways to make money but as Today I am talking about how to make 100USD a day with Adsense, so let`s stick to this topic.

Tips to Make 100 Dollars A Day With Adsense


Keyword selection is one of the most important factor. Do some research and look for high paying keywords with low competition. You can use Google adwords keyword planner, which is a free tool for keyword research. It show you all details like competition, search, suggestions etc.


Niche is very important in order to make money for CPC programs, Usually health and fitness blog make more money than Internet marketing blogs.

Micro Niche:  

If you decide to write on health then you can choose a specific niche, for example Weight loss blog. Always find micro niche which is profitable for you.

Ad placement : 

It is already well known strategy that if you want to make good money from Adsense then place ad units where they can get maximum exposure. Placing ad above the fold is a good strategy to make good money.

Organic Traffic:

Organic traffic plays an important role to make money with adsense. Writing high quality articles to attract more backlinks and visitors which come on your blog via organic search.

Revenue Sharing Sites: 

Revenue sharing sites are also good way to make money with Adsense. They allow you to write article on those sites and also ad your adsense code to make good money.

Google Adwords:

This is a technical part, You can create ad of a single blog post by adwords and tart driving traffic to your blog. But make sure that you do not spend too much that you are not earning, You have to research well before using this technique.

More articles:

Content is king and also the more content you have on your blog the more visitors your blog will


Learn basic , as it will help your blog posts to rank on first page of Google and it will result you in good money.


If your niche is gossip, news or sports then you can make predictions, as peopel always eager to know what is going to happen in coming days.

So these are the best tips about how to make 100 dollars a day with adsense. if you do ahev any question or suggestion, feel free to ask me via comments.

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  1. "Create ad of a single blog post by adwords and start driving traffic to your blog" - That's the best way to send targeted traffic on website. Every Adwords Specialist apply this process to drive traffic on their site. Thanks for sharing those cool tips!