Thursday, 14 July 2016

Award Winning Ways to Rank High For A Keyword In Google Fast


If you want to rank higher for a keyword in Google fast, It can be a bit difficult but not impossible. You just need to understand proper SEO, link building and content marketing strategies for your blog. You have to work smartly to get higher ranking in Google.

It is not an overnight process and there is no rocket science either to rank for quality content and establish strong online presence. With time You can definitely see your blog ranking high for desired keywords.
Award Winning Ways to Rank High For A Keyword In Google Fast : Award Winning blog
Award Winning Ways to Rank High For A Keyword In Google Fast : Award Winning blog
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Tips To Rank For Any Keyword In Google Fast

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the first and very crucial step. If you don`t focus on this this you will never rank for any keyword. So first choose few keywords which you want to rank in Google. Choose keywords with good amount of monthly search and with low competition.

Target Your Niche

Focus on the keywords that are related to your niche. Do go for any keyword that you see online. Keyword should be related to the topic and niche of your blog.

Building Backlinks

When I say to build backlinks, that dosen`t mean that you be a machine and create countless backlinks. Never build low quality backlinks. You must build high quality backlinks form authority websites in your niche.

On page Optimization

On page Optimization is an important factor to rank for any keyword in google. You shoul properly optimize your posts for search engines and they will rank higher very fast and quickly. Aways interlink your blog posts. Also use anchor text and use targeted keywords as anchor text to interlink your posts.

Off Page Optimization

Off page optimization is a bit different, as you will link to other important sources. As it will help Google to identify, in which niche you are you are in. It also help you to build relationship.

Use Keywords Properly

How you use keywords in your posts is more  important than searching for keywords. Use your main keywords throughout the post, avoiding keyword stuffing . Use keywords in URL, title, heading, meta descriptions, meta tags and alt tag.

these are the tips which will help you to rank high for a keyword in Google fast and easily. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me via comments. If you find this post helpful, do share on facebook, twitter and Google plus.
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