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Features of Award Winning Blog

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To become an award winning blog or to be part of the community of award winning blogs, it is necessary that blogs should attract readers and add value to its readers. In reality when a blog win the heart of its readers that blog have the right to call itself an award winning blog.
Features of Award Winning Blog : Award Winning Blog
Features of Award Winning Blog : Award Winning Blog
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There are various things that matters when it comes to count a blog as award winning blog and we can`t disclose every single thing here in one article. But still I will share here few of the most important factors that help us to count and choose blogs as award winning blogs, These features can be some common factors and some major features that help us to find out the popularity of a blog and how readers get engage with the blog and find the blog helpful for themselves.

Now let`s see some factors or features of Award Winning Blogs

1) Must have Alexa Rank below 100,000
2) Must have more than thousand followers on Facebook
3) Must have more than thousand followers on Twitter
4) Must have more than thousand followers on Google Plus
5) Must be ranking higher for some queries in Search Engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
6) Must have good subscriber base
7) Must have reviewed and talked by readers or common people around the world.

Other features of Award Winning Blog

1) Popularity on YouTube, Pinterest, Linkedin
2) Published in local newslines
3) Big Social Media Impact or trend setter.
4) Popular Blogger

There is no doubt that blogging is one of the major key to run successful campaigns and promote products or services in real world. This not only help you earn money or get famous but also bring you lot of fans and followers who help you easily convert your promotion into leads and generate good revenue.

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